Jazoo Yang is interested in the evolution of cities and the nostalgic poetry that emerges from popular neighborhoods transformed at high speed in areas of urban redevelopment.

Architecture plays an important role in Yang’s artistic practice. Her Remix series involves photographing and replicating existing architectural features to create a détournement or ´glitch´ in the urban landscape.

She is perhaps best known for her Dots series, in which she covers a home set for demolition with her thumbprint (which in Korea has a legal and personally binding power similar to a signature). With just a thumbprint, whole communities are turned over to destruction; people driven to bankruptcy; and just as easily, millions of dollars exchanged. The work is thus a protest against the corruption and apathy in Korea’s housing market.

Recently, Yang has expanded her Dots series to explore themes of displacement through working with various refugee and migrant groups across Europe. She has also developed a series of sculptural works made from found materials cast in resin that investigate ideas of temporality and the city.





Working within an already heavily developed area in Oslo, Yang decided to collect and catalogue examples of living organisms that co-exist alongside us in the city for a new series of work called ´Live´.

Spiders, worms, fungi and moss were photographed under a microscope to reveal details and colours unintelligible to the naked eye. They were then reintroduced to the public realm in the form of large-format posters, symbolically highlighting the richness and diversity of life that exists within the city.