Diego Sologuren (ES)

Diego Sologuren studied Architecture at the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastián and later in Sint-Lucas Brussels, where he was involved in a Master Program in Urban Studies. Since his graduation, he has developed his career in several countries around Europe. In 2014 he joined the office of African architect Francis Kéré and had the opportunity to come in contact with a reality which influenced his way of conceiving architecture and design: honesty, economy of means, and formal simplicity. In 2017, he took part in the exhibition of the first Biennale of Architecture of the Basque Country as one of the finalists for the Young Architect Prize. Now based in Switzerland, he develops his own experimental praxis, which is committed to taking architecture to its conceptual boundaries in tandem with other disciplines.



Brad Downey and Diego Sologuren joined forces to produce an architectural suit designed to attach to Oslo’s public e-scooters. In doing so, this functional sculpture becomes a ´gig worker´ (its data is collected) in exchange for the possibility to move quickly. In addition to staging public performances, the object was used to access rooftops and ledges undetected, as well as for unsanctioned firefighting.

E-scooter companies have been criticized for their casual approach towards municipalities and road safety laws. The Plug-in Pulpit takes the discussion of the Smart City further through the use of hacking as a means of re-appropriating the devices implemented by the structures of power.

Among those to collaborate with Downey and Sologuren on a series of public performances were the Bishop of Oslo, Kari Veiteberg; opera singer Anne Røkke; and graffiti writer World War Treeman.