Clet is a French artist born in 1966. He studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes and lives and works in Florence.

His subversive interventions involve appropriating traffic signs in order to critique accepted power structures. Using pre-cut vinyl stickers he often works at night to add his funny and humanistic touches to the city´s streets. In places where authority is self-critical, his art remains, in others, it is removed quickly.

Currently his work can be found on the streets of European capitals such as Paris, Rome, London, Turin, Milan, Barcelona and now…Oslo.





With his bicycle doubling up as a handy portable scaffold, Clet transformed 100 road signs in Oslo in less than three days, with artworks ranging from the humorous to the political.

In the east part of town in Galgeberg (which literally translates as “Gallows hill”) Clet made a tribute to Oslo´s historical past by transforming a ´no entry´ sign into medieval stocks, less than a stone´s throw away from where the town´s court and gallows used to stand in the Middle Ages. 

Elsewhere, a writer tries to overcome their creative block outside the home of Norwegian novelist Jon Bing, while in the centre of town another ´no-entry´ sign in front of The Hard Rock Café has been turned into a playful tribute to The Clash bassist Paul Simonon.