Ampparito is a young Spanish artist and one of the leading lights of an emerging conceptual street art movement. A graduate in Fine Arts from the Universidad Compluetense, Madrid (2014), he has built a solid reputation in recent years for producing thought-provoking artworks that provide metaphors and allegories for the human condition and the social and political mechanisms that regulate behaviour.

Ampparito explores the boundaries between realism and abstraction by playing with and manipulating points of view, distances and scales. His work often subverts everyday objects, meanings and realities to generate new experiences or situations, evoking a wide range of (non-) responses from indifference to deep contemplation in the viewer.






I had read superficially about this topic before going to university 10 years ago. Basically, I know nothing; only that it is a theory aiming to downscale production and consumption in order to last on this planet a bit longer.

It is quite complex; there are scientists, economists, gurus, politicians and other smart people who are more knowledgeable about the subject than I could be in my lifetime. I felt so tiny next to them, so I decided to work with degrowth in a literal, naïve way in the hope of finding a new approach and new perspectives.

My experiment - as degrowth means ´negative growth´ - was to place plants upside-down in public space; to try to water them; and to check how they interacted with the surrounding environment (including people).

It may seem dumb but with my limited resources I couldn´t find any other way to make a living being ´degrow´ naturally.

In fact, it´s hard to find any examples of living things ´degrowing´. When they do it´s usually a precursor to death: a kind of reverting back to how we were in the beginning - like asking to be young again at deaths door.

Note 1: upside-down in Spanish is “bocabajo”. In Puerto Rico and Cuba this word describes a kind of torture.

Note 2: capillarity is a phenomenon caused by surface tension and resulting in the distortion, elevation, or depression of the surface of a liquid in contact with a solid.