Ad-busting Workshop + Q&A: Desire Lines Artists-in-Residence
September 26, 2019

Meet The Artists: Desire Lines Artists-in-Residence

Tuesday 22nd October, 17:00-19:00

MIR, Markveien 61, 0550 Oslo

Meet the artists participating in Desire Lines week-long residency as they present their work to the public.

Desire Lines Artists-in-Residence Program is a new city initiative for independent public artists. For one week five international artists who specialize in producing site-specific and ephemeral public artworks will demonstrate how human-scale, intervention-based street art practice can offer an alternative to the predominant form of large-scale, resource-heavy muralism. Touching upon the paradigms of degrowth, sharing economy, rights to the city and intangible heritage, temporary artworks will replace monolithic public art sculptures, and in the process point to new potentialities for the diversity of expression in our shared public spaces in Oslo.

This project is supported by Oslo´s Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Car Free City Life Program.